Product Line-up Summary
2018-11-19 Posted

Product Line-up Summary


【LCD Panel】

With the advancement in technology, LCD panels have blended more seamlessly into our lives. Digital signage, personal computers, Kiosk and industrial equipment are now everywhere.

With years of experience and full dedication in the panel industry, we have full knowledge of panel technology from various brands. Our customers has benefited from our service with the best choice of panel specifications for their projects.

● Various brands
● Panel selection consulting
● New project, alternative solution support
● Stable supply

【Touch Display】

To provides better user experience, by leverage our in-house clean room, our engineers can provide customization services to meet customer's needs. Touch panel customization includes multi-touch, scratch proof, explosion proof, and water proof.

● Resistive touch panel
● Capacitive touch panel
● Bonding service

【High Brightness Display】

High brightness panel displays differ from the brightness of traditional panels. It allows the user to see the display under strong sunlight or under direct light source which enables operation under special conditions in industries such as military operation, transportation industries, outdoor digital signage, and medical sectors.

We possesse years of experiences in high brightness display technology which enable us to deliver customization services to high brightness display customers.

● 5.7” ~ 31.5” panel size selection
● LED strip tailoring
● Extent LED strip usage life
● Improve brightness for thin panels designs
● State of the art heat dissipation solution
● Backlight design and development
● Sunlight Readable
● Low Power Consumption

【Bar Display】

Conventional size customization for bar-type display production generally involves careful cutting process through a readily made TFT LCD panel that contains substrates of glass films, polarizer films, and circuit boards of a readily made TFT LCD panels. However, the cutting process introduces quality concerns associated with crystal fluid bleeding.

In contrast to such panel resize method, the BOE native ultra-wide stretched panel sizing is fabricated in an advanced photomask process and not cut.

This guarantees top-notch quality by design offering the display its superior service stability while providing wide viewing angle giving companies the edge it needs to gain traction and create a strong digital presence.


● Photomask process forming and "not cut"
● Bar-type structure for flexible space adaptability
● Wide panoramic view


【LCD Controller Board (AD Board)】

LCD Controller Board is the display driver unit for a monitor that converts real world analog visual signals into digital form which is an essential component that gives the monitor its fundamental display capability. 

Our LCD Controller Board is designed with wide range of application in mind. It provides state of the art display functionality that can be used as a standalone display driver module to support multiple inputs including HDMI, VGA, DVI, and Display Ports. The controller generates EDP, LVDS, V-By-One output signals fit for most developer’s needs whether it be industrial display, measuring equipment, POS machine, LCD monitor, Digital Signage, and Kiosk. Makes it a suitable candidate for many developments.

● On-board Realtek solution
● Offers top notch reliability, precision, and robustness.
● Up to 1920x1080 resolution @60Hz
● We provide detailed technical parameters for best panel configurations.
● We tailor design and manufacture controller boards catering our customer’s need.

【LED Backlight Driver Board】

The LED backlight driver board is designed for smaller LCD panels for PWM-based dimming. We can tailor to fit your LCD’s need especially for high brightness panel.

The board is equipped with Overload protections to prevent over current, voltage, and temperature often known to damage circuit system. We implement lightweight and stable components for wider range application.

● In-house design backlight driver boards
● Instant in-stock delivery and hassle free
● Board customize service
● Boards can go with our customized high brightness panel
● Overload protection, reliable

【LCD Display Kits】

LCD Panel, Driver Board, OSD keyboard, cable and connectors.
We can cater for your specific needs with our unparalleled commitment giving you one-stop project support.

● Realtek IC soulution
● Highly reliable, precision, and robust
● Provide precise parameters for best results
● Save your time and effort with this kit

【Raspberry Pi】

Build your dream project out with this miniature, credit card size developer board with unimaginable creativity. Raspberry Pi is a micro-computer that is fully equipped with various interfaces open up for wide range of projects: HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, camera, sound signal ports, extended 40 pin GPIO header.

● Miniature in size
● The MAKER's choice
● The best learning micro-computer
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